Video Games

Avatars (Video Games)

Video game avatars are created by users on various platforms to represent themselves when gaming, either serious or not serious. By definition, an avatar is a “personalized graphical illustration that represents a computer user, or a character or alter ego that represents that user. An avatar can be represented either in three-dimensional form (for example,Continue reading “Avatars (Video Games)”

Video Game Ratings

According to Roberts (2002), “Video game ratings are labeling systems that index media content (e.g., films, television programs, interactive games, recorded music, websites) primarily to control young people’s access to particular kinds of portrayals” (pg. 841). Ratings give the customers a sense of what the video game entails. The ratings help to tell the customerContinue reading “Video Game Ratings”

Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction can be defined as “excessive time playing games, particularly video games” (Struthers, 2014, para 1). This addiction is behavioral, rather than physical, because it primarily affects social responsibilities and interactions (Struthers, 2014). This addiction replaces physical human contact, physical exercise, and risk associated with reality. Video games are played mostly in orderContinue reading “Video Game Addiction”

Video Game Arcades

Video games were first created and popularized in the 1940s, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that video arcades were finally brought to life. An arcade game is a coin operated entertainment machine, and a video arcade therefore, is a public place with a collection of arcade games. This was the next step in gamingContinue reading “Video Game Arcades”

Video Game Genres

Since 1972 with the introduction of Atari Pong to the present, video games have become the most popular and profitable modern form of entertainment worldwide. Like with television show genres, a multitude of unique and differentiated genres apply to a large variety of different demographics: gender, sex, age, regional location, etc. Video games in theirContinue reading “Video Game Genres”


The GamerGate controversy was a misogynistic firestorm concerning sexism in gaming culture that began in 2014 (Campbell 2017, Martin 2017, Fabos 2017) when computer programmer Eron Gjoni claimed that his ex-girlfriend, game designer Zoe Quinn, cheated on him with a writer at Kotaku, a well-known gamers’ website (Campbell 2017, Martin 2017, Fabos 2017). Hundreds ofContinue reading “GamerGate”

Social Gaming

Social Gaming is the term used within media studies to describe a style of gaming that involves social interaction among players. Social games are more commonly referred to as Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), or games that use the internet to connect tens of thousands of players into one playing platform at any given timeContinue reading “Social Gaming”