Sitcom (TV)

Sitcoms are a television medium that typically air during primetime at night. Sitcom stands for situation-based comedy. They feature a recurring cast from season to season. The plot typically revolves around complications among the cast. There is minimal character development. The characters of the cast are static in their personalities. Instead of character development, theContinue reading “Sitcom (TV)”

Sketch Comedy (TV)

Sketch comedies also known as short comedy skits originated from variety shows which consisted of singing, dancing, and many other forms of entertainment (Campbell, Martin, & Fabos, 2017). Sketch comedies are often played in front of a live studio audience and although they are scripted there are elements of improv in their segments as wellContinue reading “Sketch Comedy (TV)”

Episodic-Chapter TV Show

Episodic-Chapter Shows are stories that have a recurring set of characters who deal with conflict and resolution (Campbell 2017). It is the opposite of serial programs, which are shows that have a continuous storyline (Campbell 2017). Episodic-Chapter Shows can be watched and completely understood by viewers who have never seen a single episode of theContinue reading “Episodic-Chapter TV Show”

Episodic-Serial TV Show

Episodic-serial TV shows are a type of fictitious tv programming that are commonly seen aired on major networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX, and HBO. These programs can vary in subject matter covered. An episodic-serial shows’ focus of the plot is usually over a whole season, rather than individual episodes. Shows like Game of ThronesContinue reading “Episodic-Serial TV Show”

Nielsen Media Research

Nielson has been the major organization that tracks and rates prime-time viewing audiences since 1950. They estimate what viewers are watching in the nation’s major markets. Nielsen main goal is to “provide advertisers, broadcast networks, local stations, and cable channels with considerable details about viewers-from race and gender to age, occupation, and educational background (CampbellContinue reading “Nielsen Media Research”

Anthology Dramas

Anthology Drama is a term that is often associated with modern television programming that is running over multiple seasons (Campbell, Martin, Fabos, 2017). While the overall genera of these programs may differ from show to show, the overall principle that ties these dramas together is the sense of drama and tension, and multiple season runContinue reading “Anthology Dramas”