Banned Books Week

Each year during the last week of September, libraries and communities work to celebrate Banned Books Week. This week embraces books that have been banned or challenged over the years. “Banned” refers to the selection being taken off the shelf while “challenged” means that someone such as a parent or patron have requested to haveContinue reading “Banned Books Week”

Illuminated Manuscripts

Illuminated manuscript was a method of communication during the medieval era in which book-like text was decorated using the likes of silver, gold, and decorative designs (Campbell et al., 2017). The main purpose of illuminated manuscript was to communicate an idea using visual aid or simple language due to the high illiteracy rates at theContinue reading “Illuminated Manuscripts”

Printing Press

A printing press is a device which aids in printing by transferring ink from one surface to another medium. The first printing press with metallic moveable type was developed amidst the Renaissance by a German inventor named Johannes Gutenberg. Though other methods of printing existed prior to Gutenberg’s press, this invention enabled mass production ofContinue reading “Printing Press”