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Social Media Advertising

Social media is a term for different online websites that may offer space for a wide variety of social actions allows users to create a personal profile and connect with others to share posts, images, and videos (Mercadal 2013). When companies utilize social media websites to advertise products they are implementing the use of socialContinue reading “Social Media Advertising”


The GamerGate controversy was a misogynistic firestorm concerning sexism in gaming culture that began in 2014 (Campbell 2017, Martin 2017, Fabos 2017) when computer programmer Eron Gjoni claimed that his ex-girlfriend, game designer Zoe Quinn, cheated on him with a writer at Kotaku, a well-known gamers’ website (Campbell 2017, Martin 2017, Fabos 2017). Hundreds ofContinue reading “GamerGate”

Online Advertising

Prior to the internet, marketing had many physical obstacles, ranging from time zone differences to currency exchange rates. Today, the physical store has evolved into a virtual marketplace where sellers and buyers can do business all without ever leaving their home. The advent of web business also brought on web advertising. Online Advertising, also knownContinue reading “Online Advertising”

Digital Blackface

Digital blackface is a term that describes types of minstrel performances in which individuals embody blackness through GIFs and memes available, and enabled, through the anonymity of the internet.  Reaction GIFs and memes rely on excessive expressions of emotion which are associated with stereotypical displays of blackness. Minstrel performances date back to the early 19thContinue reading “Digital Blackface”

Social Gaming

Social Gaming is the term used within media studies to describe a style of gaming that involves social interaction among players. Social games are more commonly referred to as Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), or games that use the internet to connect tens of thousands of players into one playing platform at any given timeContinue reading “Social Gaming”