Affect and Glamour

Thrift’s Construction of Glamour in Practice In Nigel Thrift’s work “Understanding the Material Practices of Glamour” he defines glamour as a particular form of the technology of allure (Thrift, 2010). Thrift draws on concepts from Gabriel Tarde’s understanding of economies, and how they must be engaging, produce value and various mechanisms of fascination (Thrift, 2010).Continue reading “Affect and Glamour”

Black Feminist Thought

Feminist media theory focuses on gender as a crucial instrument in creating and maintaining both symbolic and material worlds along with the experiences people have in them (Laughey, 2007). Black feminist studies falls under feminist media theory, where scholars investigate the roles of both gender and race as tools that shape our world. Black feminismContinue reading “Black Feminist Thought”


Georges Bataille’s book Erotism: Death and Sensuality discusses eroticism in comparison to death, both as ways to escape discontinuity between beings. He addresses social structure through eroticism, death, and taboo. Bataille draws on the differences that are established between social hierarchies to support his notion that we are discontinuous beings. Discontinuity suggests that everyone isContinue reading “Eroticism”

Gender Trouble

The lines between the perceived genders of male and female get blurred every day. This is how gender trouble is created. Judith Butler’s idea of gender trouble is that gender is not natural. Instead, gender is performative and when it is performed out of bounds this creates gender trouble (Butler, 1990). Media is a placeContinue reading “Gender Trouble”

Trans Visibility

Transgender media studies are an avenue of study that focuses on the visibility, representation, and culture surrounding the transgender community. Central to the issues and theory surrounding the construction of the transgender identity are the ideas of taboo and the ideas of concealing one’s identity as opposed to visibility of one’s identity. The theory ofContinue reading “Trans Visibility”


Postfeminism acts as an antidote to feminism and believes in “the active disavowal of feminism as a necessary politics” (Banet-Weiser, 2018, 153). Feminism is a movement that endorses the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Feminism and the fight for gender equality have been around since first-wave feminism began in the late 19thContinue reading “Postfeminism”

Postmodern Feminism

Postmodern feminism explores the idea of gendered writing and rejects those concepts. Postmodern feminism can be broken down into postmodernity and feminist theory. Postmodernity traditionally refers to the social, political, technological, and economic changes that have led to a globalization and mass culture (Laughey, 2007). Feminism studies refers to the diverse ideologies and understanding ofContinue reading “Postmodern Feminism”

Queer Media Studies

Queer media studies are the lens of queer principles and politics to researching media texts, processes, industries, and sociocultural constructions. It is methodologically and theoretically diverse. Specific psychological, political, and cultural codes have elevated heterosexuality to the status of a sexual “given”. Those codes include the fact that initially heterosexuality was used to describe behaviorsContinue reading “Queer Media Studies”

Queer Social Theory

What, exactly, is “queerness?” The term is used in reference to sex, gender, sexuality, and more, but to which of these does it actually apply? Further, what does “queer” oppose? Other terms we generally think of as being related have a seemingly direct antonym. Terms like “gay” or “homosexual” oppose “straight” and “heterosexual,” respectively, butContinue reading “Queer Social Theory”

The Repressive Hypothesis

A frequent topic of evasion is sex, simply because it is considered too taboo to talk about in everyday conversation.  The rare time sex is freely mentioned is in the media, where it is frequently assigned a negative connotation.  However,  it is never thoroughly explained in the media and mostly just thrown into the mixContinue reading “The Repressive Hypothesis”