Data Colonialism and the Information Society

Data colonialism is altering society through the generation and collection of personal data.  Surfacing at the start of the twenty-first century, large technology corporations including Google and Facebook represent data colonialism. The aspects of a data-driven society common within data colonialism provide grounds for the establishment of the information society theory. Comprised of both restrictedContinue reading “Data Colonialism and the Information Society”

Digitized Public Sphere

The digitized public sphere has had an impact on Middle Eastern countries, in fact it was one of the causes of the Arab Spring.  The Arab Spring uprising was started by people coming together online on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  Facebook in particular was critical to the uprising in Tunisia because citizensContinue reading “Digitized Public Sphere”

Information Society

In the information society the media is the central holder of information that comes in many different forms like films, television, radio, and print. It is a society in which every aspect of information such as its “creation, distribution, access and use” (Karvalics, 2007, p. 10) are the height of economic and cultural activity. InContinue reading “Information Society”

Software Studies

Software studies is the study of evolution and use of software in media. Software has been evolving constantly throughout recent years. Media has become more and more reliant on technology in order to distribute itself to the masses much more efficiently. Using technology, media can appear anywhere in an instance using media like social mediaContinue reading “Software Studies”

Technological Determinism

Technological determinism is a reductionist theory that claims that technology shapes society. According to this theory, technology inevitably enhances on a traceable path that can be followed and correlated with the enhancement of society. Determinism refers to a relationship between two things that involves a “predetermined result” (Papageorgiou, T.) Technology is defined as the useContinue reading “Technological Determinism”