Communications Act of 1934

The Communications Act of 1934 was passed on June 19, 1934, during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The means of this Act was for the Government to regulate telephone, telegraph, radio and other broadcasting forms for the public. Through this Act, the United States Government demanded that those licensed to broadcast do so withContinue reading “Communications Act of 1934”

Radio Act of 1927

The Radio Act of 1927, which began as the Dill White Bill, was passed on February 18, 1927 and signed into law by President Calvin Coolidge on February 23, 1927. It is Public Law Number 632 by the 69th Congress. The law constructed the Federal Radio Commission (FRC), which was charged with regulating radio. InContinue reading “Radio Act of 1927”

Telecommunications Act of 1996

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 is a federal law of the United States of America that governs the communications industries of telephone, internet, radio, television, and cable. (Econmides 1988) History of the Act Before the Telecommunications Act of 1996, there was a law known as the 1934 Communications Act, which governed telephone and television. (EconmidesContinue reading “Telecommunications Act of 1996”