Uses and Gratifications

The Uses and Gratifications theory was posited as a more comprehensive way to discuss and analyze the roles of media effects in our lives. The Uses and Gratifications theory views the audience as an active participator when consuming media. This is a significant shift in audience perspective. Before the Uses and Gratifications theory, the audienceContinue reading “Uses and Gratifications”

Vertical Integration

Vertical Integration is a term that is used to describe a strategy that many businesses use to increase their profits. Vertical integration happens when a company multiplies its production operations and potential into different stages of manufacturing on the same path, such as when a company owns its distributor and/or providers. Vertical integration is extremelyContinue reading “Vertical Integration”

Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction can be defined as “excessive time playing games, particularly video games” (Struthers, 2014, para 1). This addiction is behavioral, rather than physical, because it primarily affects social responsibilities and interactions (Struthers, 2014). This addiction replaces physical human contact, physical exercise, and risk associated with reality. Video games are played mostly in orderContinue reading “Video Game Addiction”

Video Game Ratings

According to Roberts (2002), “Video game ratings are labeling systems that index media content (e.g., films, television programs, interactive games, recorded music, websites) primarily to control young people’s access to particular kinds of portrayals” (pg. 841). Ratings give the customers a sense of what the video game entails. The ratings help to tell the customerContinue reading “Video Game Ratings”

Walter Benjamin

Walter Benjamin was a prominent German cultural critic and philosopher of the Frankfurt School. Benjamin was born on July 15th, 1892 in Berlin, Germany to an upper-middle-class Jewish family. In his youth, Benjamin became interested in culture and anti-authoritarianism. He attended the Friedrich-Wilhelm Gymnasium, a prestigious secondary school, and later joined the German Youth Movement.Continue reading “Walter Benjamin”

Wire Services

Wire services originally began as commercial organizations. They were used as an effective way communicate and convey news and other information about worldwide events, by telegraph lines and the transmissions of radio waves, which then turned into the digital age. Some of the most popular wire services are the Associated Press and Reuters. Around theContinue reading “Wire Services”

Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Walter Benjamin is an important critical theorist and philosopher. He argued that technological developments permitted works of art to be reproduced in a way that altered the masses experience of art, films, and theatrical productions. Art has always been reproducible, but mechanical reproduction has allowed for a complete reworking of the understanding of reproduction itself.Continue reading “Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”