Wire Services

Wire services originally began as commercial organizations. They were used as an effective way communicate and convey news and other information about worldwide events, by telegraph lines and the transmissions of radio waves, which then turned into the digital age. Some of the most popular wire services are the Associated Press and Reuters.

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Around the year of “1848 there was a combination of six different newspaper companies who founded the first wire service which used telegraph lines to relay messages from the port of Boston, known as the first transatlantic port” (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018).

By the year of 1856 the company took over and created the New York Associated Press. A couple years later around 1862 The Western Associated Press was formed. Some examples of the importance of wire services that occurred early in their use was around the 1860’s was the coverage of Washington D.C. and the Civil War. Reporters from northern areas were sent to the south to get more coverage of the war. After the reporters got back from Washington D.C.  they used their information and reports to give others back home a personal outlook on the issue which was sent by telegraphs and by wire services.

kaleigh 1As the “advancement of telegraphs and undersea cables [happened] the news wires expanded to South America in 1874” (Thomas Reuters, 2007). Following the electronic age, in 1923 the use of Reuters went on the radio and spread news rapidly. By “1892 the Western Associated Press split from the New York Associated Press and the Associated Press was formed in Chicago Illinois” (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018). As a result of the Associated Press, news was able to travel rapidly, using newspapers and provided individuals with first-hand information surrounding personal stories and stories from other newspapers.

In the 1900’s the newspaper known as the “Chicago Inter Ocean was incorporating the Associated Press, but did not have a membership, the Associated Press moved from Chicago Illinois to New York City” (Pew Research Center,2015). Around 1967 the Associated Press created a deal with a financial information and the company known as the Dow Jones Company. The new company that was formed was called the Associated Press Dow Jones Economic Report.

Wire services have been used throughout history and continue to be used till this day. For example, the Associated Press was used as an effective way to promote business, communication and was used to gain for people to gain knowledge about the events going on in the world such as both World Wars, as well as the Civil War. Till this day “52-62%” (Pew Research Center, 2015) of newspapers correspond the Associated Press. On the other hand, Reuters were used to expand communication through radios and were used for British personal interest.

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Image Attribution: All images are in the public domain

Written by Kayleigh Webb, 2018

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