Advancing Communication and Media Studies Inquiry

What is Mediums and Messages?

Mediums and Messages is a resource site for the study of communication and media studies curated and maintained by the students of Washington College.

The Communication and Media Studies program at Washington College prepares students to become discerning media consumers, critical thinkers, skilled writers, and creative storytellers. This site is maintained by Washington College students to provide critical resources to their peers in order to advance the study of communications and media studies.

Each entry is researched, created, and written by students.

Medium-Specific Terms

Includes: print, newspapers, film, radio, television, video games, advertising, and online digital media

Thinkers, Theories, and Texts

Includes: feminist, queer, and sexuality theory; communication thinkers and theory; media thinkers and theory; digital and online thinkers and theory

Communication Legislation

Includes: broad concepts and key U.S. communication legislation


The Role of U.S. News Media in Conflating Latinx Identity and Criminal Drug Culture, 2010-2020

A research and advocacy campaign